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Here you’ll find the perfect pieces to spread the joy at home with our homeware selections. We’ve got unique planters and crockery to make your house your home. We also make gift giving easy with our collection of gifts, you’ll find the perfect present, whether it’s funny or touching!

Watch Out. I'll F*ucking Hug You Ladies Crew Socks

If there was ever a sock that captured the vibes of 2020 this is it. The perfect pair of socks for those facing lockdown life.  What can I say? We... Learn More


Feline Fine Cat Upside Down Mug

A super cute mug featuring a feline black cat - that you can store as an ornament when not in use.  Mugs but with a twist of an upside down design. Feline... Learn More


Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Upside Down Mug

A super cute mug featuring a lucky cat - that you can store as an ornament when not in use.  Mugs but with a twist of an upside down design.... Learn More


Rawr Mini Dinosaur Dig-It-Out Kit

A perfect gift for a budding paleontologist, their very own dig it out dinosaur kit.  Rawr Mini Dinosaur Dig-A-Saurs Dig it Out Kit. Material: Resin, Gypsum and Sand with Wooden Tools CE... Learn More


Queen Bee Lucky Charm

The bee's knees! Each stone features a colour image of a Bee on one side with the words 'You're the bee's knees & don't forget it' on the other. Complete... Learn More


Lucky Cat Glass Charm In Pouch

A lucky cat to bring you good luck and prosperity. Four colours of lucky cats are sure to promote positivity (clear), love (pink), protection (black) and health (green) when gifted... Learn More


Chakra Incense Holder Assorted

Representing each of the seven chakras: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root, these colourful incense holders are the perfect resting place for your favourite incense.  The incense... Learn More


Rainbow Sentiment Stone

Promote positivity and love with these lucky rainbow sentiment charms in matching pouches. Vibrant rainbows are printed on smooth marble stones with either 'thank you' or 'after every storm comes... Learn More


Crystal Heart Stone Assorted

These crystal heart stones are lovely token gifts for someone special. There are three different variations, each with their own meaning. The variations include: Amethyst - the calming stone. Rose... Learn More


Man With a Pan Apron

He's got a pan and he's not afraid to use it, probs best to stay out of the kitchen and leave him to it. " Man with a pan" kitchen apron. ... Learn More


Bee Hive Measuring Bowls

These adorable Sass and Belle Bee Measuring Bowls come in a set of 4 bowls measuring 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup. Add a little extra fun... Learn More


F.R.I.E.N.D.S Bath & Body Pamper Trio

This F.R.I.E.N.D.S Coconut Bath & Body Pamper Trio features What's Not To Like Bubble Bath, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Body Wash and You're My Lobster Body Lotion! What's more comforting... Learn More


F.R.I.E.N.D.S Lip Balm Duo

Craving a Central Perk Treat? This Mad Beauty Lip Balm Duo has you sorted with a Vanilla scented coffee mug paired with a caramel scented coffee travel cup! The compact... Learn More


Grumpy Old Man Apron

Back in my day we didn't even have aprons, we just wiped our dirty hands on our shirts.  " Grumpy old man " kitchen apron.  Made from soft, extra-sturdy, 100% heavy... Learn More


Meow Cat 3 In 1 Waiters Corkscrew

This cat shaped bottle opener is a pocket-sized 3-in-1 masterpiece. Easy to use 3-in-1 bottle opener with soft-touch silicone grip.Includes a corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter. Made to cut the... Learn More


Toucan Bird 3 In 1 Bottle Opener

This Toucan shaped bottle opener is a pocket-sized 3-in-1 masterpiece. Made to cut the foil from wine bottles, open any traditional crown cap bottle and remove corks the waiter's way.With... Learn More


Toucan Bird Tea Infuser Silicone Mesh Tea Strainer

Add this brilliant and exotic toucan tea infuser to your kitchen collection, using your loose and dried tea leaves to brew the perfect cup of tea. An easy to use... Learn More


Bar Amigos Test Tube Shots Set Of 6

Fill up with colourful concoctions, direct from the lab – then let the party begin! With these multi-coloured shooters, you call the shots! Set of 6 multi-coloured test tube shot... Learn More


Tipsy Wine Glasses Set Of 2

Is it the end of the night already? No, but one look at these glasses will make you feel totally tipsy - even when sober!  The perfect wine glass to... Learn More


I Will Survive Hanging Planter

Hang your plants with this gorgeous Sass and Belle 'I Will Survive' Hanging Planter! There's no reason to be afraid and petrified of your plants dying with this 'I Will... Learn More