Pink Poodle Boutique Baby. Discover our great selection of baby clothes toys and gifts. Here you’ll find bits and bobs from local British brands such as adorable dolls from Powell Craft,  super sweet nightlights from Sass and Belle, hand knitted dinosaurs from Best Years and handmade shoes from Inch Blue.

Daddy And Me Socks Gift Box

Like Father, like Son. A cute gift set of matching pair of socks for you and for baby. A sweet gift for a new Papa bear and his little baby boy.... Learn More


Mummy And Me Socks Gift Box

 Twinning is winning! A cute gift set of matching pair of socks for you and for baby. A sweet gift for a new Mama bear and her little baby girl.... Learn More


Mini Donuts Baby Socks Gift Box

Sugar and spice and all things nice are what little girls are made of. We're allowed a little treat once in a while and we’ve sprinkled a lot of temptation... Learn More


One Small Step Baby Socks Gift Box

 It's one small step... for your little one and they're ready to blast off! Let your little astronauts' imagination soar with our supersonic cosmic socks. Every day is an adventure... Learn More


Knitten Kitten Lime Jelly Cat

The most fashionable kitten around! A curious cat with a toasty tummy - that's Knitten Kitten Lime! Liquorice-black with short, stretchy fur, our merry moggy wears a fruity green sweater!... Learn More


Knitten Kitten Pink Jelly Cat

Purr-fect in pink! Knitten Kitten Fuchsia is making a style statement! This stretchy-soft kitty wears a hot pink jumper that goes so well with that inky-black fur! With trumpet legs,... Learn More


Cocoa Teddy Bear Jelly Cat

A huggable chocolate bear! Cocoa Bear is a classic scruffle chum, with rumple-soft praline fur. This curious cub has big squishy paws, a choc-drop nose and a caramel muzzle. With... Learn More


Riverside Rambler Hedgehog Jelly Cat

Wind and the Willows has been brought to life! Fancy a wander? Ask Riverside Rambler Hedgehog, who knows every green lane and peaceful path! With soft coffee spines, oatmeal fur,... Learn More


Riverside Rambler Mole Jelly Cat

Wind and the Willows has been brought to life - say hello to Moley himself! A loyal friend with a shy, thoughtful nature, that's Riverside Ramblers Mole. Squat and cuddly,... Learn More


Riverside Rambler Badger Jelly Cat

Wind and the Willows has been brought to life! All dressed up for a blustery walk, Riverside Ramblers Badger is a countryside dandy. Wearing a very smart grey linen jacket... Learn More


Bashful Penguin Jelly Cat

Our very own Pingu Penguin!  Bashful Penguin is dressed for the snow ball in a gorgeous charcoal tuxedo. With an ice-cream tummy, happy heart face, tangerine beak and curvy flippers,... Learn More


Hugga Polar Bear Jelly Cat

Just look at that boopable nose! . Ambling across the ice, it's Hugga Polar Bear! A hygge hugger with huge creamy paws, this scrumptious softy is a cosy companion. This... Learn More


Little Polar Bear Jelly Cat

The littlest and cutest polar bear around! . So very teeny, Little Polar Bear has cloudy, creamy baby-soft fur. A tumbly, tufty bundle of cuddles, this curious cub is always rolling... Learn More


Little Kitten Jelly Cat

The littlest and cutest kitten around! . Little Kitten may be diddy, but this squat sweetie is mighty! Lavender-blue and utterly loveable, this tufty scamp likes to hide in your pocket! With... Learn More


Little Pig Jelly Cat

The littlest and cutest piglet  around! . Perfectly pudgy in fuzzy pink fur, Little Pig is a bundle of love. This foldy-eared friend has a soft suedey snoot and a matching springy... Learn More


Little Penguin Jelly Cat

The littlest and cutest penguin around! . Little Penguin is so excited, waggling those diddy wings! This charismatic pocket chick has a bright orange suedey beak and claws, as well... Learn More


Little Panda Jelly Cat

The littlest and cutest panda around! . Little Panda may have diddy paws, but this bitsy bear has captured our hearts. A black-and-cream bobbin of tussly softness, with scruffly ears... Learn More


Fuddlewuddle Lion Jelly Cat

Why has Fuddlewuddle Lion got such gorgeous fudge fur? Is it a disguise for going to the beach? We think he tumbled into a tub of toffee, but that doesn’t... Learn More


Fuddlewuddle Elephant Jelly Cat

Stomping in for a mighty cuddle, it’s Fuddlewuddle Elephant! In soft chalky-blue, with fuddletastic fur and a big long trunk for sniffing out sandwiches, he really is an amazing fellow.... Learn More


Casper Cat Jelly Cat

Long, lean and loping, that’s clever Casper Cat, the midnight kitty with the long, wriggly tail! What’s he seen with those shiny emerald eyes? This soft, slinky scoundrel is always... Learn More