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Pink Poodle Boutique Cards and Wrap. Here at Pink Poodle in Glasgow, we specialise in having a card for literally any occasion and plenty of cards perfect for no occasion! Here you’ll also find our beautiful design-led wrapping paper, ideal for adding the “Ta-dah” factor to any gift!

Tiger Kitchen Greeting Card

"There's a tiger in my kitchen and it finished all the wine! It's a greedy little fucker and it does it all the time." Celebrate that special 'wine connoisseur' in... Learn More


Piss Cat Greeting Card

"Cat wanted to go out and play with his gang-mates, but he had been put in some sort. of hectic wool jacket, which was fucking with his street cred. Soon,... Learn More


Survival Sloth Greeting Card

"The key to survival is to stun every other f*cker with the awesome essence of you." Sloths must be more than just lazy if they've managed to survive extinction. Let... Learn More


Mother's Day Flashback Vagina Card

"On Mother's Day, children bring flowers to distract mother from flashbacks of when her vagina fell out." Send a beary inappropriate message to your mum this Mother's Day with this... Learn More


Whoa, Sweet Crib Greeting Card

Celebrate a little one entering the world with this MTV-inspired card. This will be sure to make the parents laugh, and the little one (most likely) cry and vomit!  Blank... Learn More


Exotic Elephants Birthday Card

Exotic Elephants Birthday Card Send a trunk-ful of love to your loved one on their birthday. This is an elephant-astic card for the animal lover in your life. Who says... Learn More


Whimsical Waterfall Birthday Card

Whimsical Waterfall Birthday Card Celebrate the birthday of your loved ones with this scenic splendour. Perfect for the whimsical nature lover in your life. Blank inside Size: 12cm X 17cm... Learn More


Cheers Big Ears Thank You Card

"Merci Beaucoup. Danke Schon. Muchas Gracias. Cheers Big Ears" 'Ear, 'ear - we present the perfect thank you card for a lovely linguist in your life! This card will certainly... Learn More


No. 1 Mum Enamel Pin & Card

"No. 1 Mum. You're the best." Being a mother in itself is a badge of honour, so any mum would love to receive a physical copy! This card and pin... Learn More


Mum One of My Favourite Parents Card

"Mum, you're one of my favourite parents." Even Mother's Day isn't an excuse to play favourites. Keep your cards close to your chest with this hilarious card for Mum. Perfect... Learn More


To My Favourite Human Bean Birthday Card

"Happy Birthday to my favourite human bean" It's time to celebrate the birthday of that special person who's bean in your life for too long! Raise a toast to your... Learn More


A Little Birthday Toast Card

"A little Birthday Toast to you" Be sure to raise a toast to your loved ones on their upcoming birthday. Whether 50/50, gluten-free, wholemeal or white, they're sure to appreciate... Learn More


Excellent Wife Greeting Card

"★★★★★ Excellent wife. Would marry again." When words can't describe your love, an annual performance review can! Leave your wife starry-eyed on Valentine's Day or an anniversary with this silly... Learn More


Try Not to Shit Birthday Card

"Happy birthday you old fart. Try not to shit yourself when blowing out your candles." If birthdays aren't an excuse to absolutely rinse your loved ones with an insulting card,... Learn More


Thank Fuck for You Greeting Card

Express your gratitude for someone special with this brutally honest Thank You Card. When flowers and a bottle of prosecco can't cut it, this card might just do the trick!... Learn More
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You're My Boo Greeting Card

When "Till death do us part" doesn't quite cut it, this card is perfect for that special person who you want to spend your afterlife with! Ideal for Valentine's Day or anniversaries... Learn More
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4 Stars Husband Greeting Card

"Husband ★★★★☆ Awesome! Couldn't have wished for better. Loving, funny, and dependable. Always there when needed. Would have given five stars, but there's more farting than expected." Husbands love to flatter with... Learn More


Look at the Stars Fuck You Greeting Card

"Look at the stars. FUCK YOU. Look how they shine for you" We're not sure if this is what Coldplay intended when they penned "Yellow", but we sure do think... Learn More


Washing Up Sponge Greeting Card

"One minute you're young and cool... the next you're getting excited over a new washing up sponge." Humble your loved ones on a special occasion with this squeaky cheeky card. Perfect... Learn More


Oldi Aldi Birthday Card

 Celebrate your loved one's birthday with a cheeky take on one of Scotland's most loved supermarkets! Perfect for parents and grandparents, or a bestie who has hit a big age... Learn More


Your Chariot Awaits Zimmer Birthday Card

  "Your chariot awaits... Happy Birthday." Humble your loved ones on their upcoming birthday with their upcoming zimmer frame threat! Perfect for mums, dads and anyone else who isn't allowed... Learn More