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Accessorize Citrus Twist Hand Sanitiser

Keep hands freshly scented and deeply cleansed with this handy sanitiser. Complete with a dainty golden tassel, to accessorise bags, purses or phones. Twisted together citrus scents for a shiny,... Learn More


Accessorize Citrus Twist Lip Balm

A delicious lip balm, blended with protective beeswax and hints of coconut and sweet caramel with a dainty, detachable hanging charm to decorate phones, purses or personalise jewellery. Scented with... Learn More


Arrive Late Make Up Bag

Isn't it so annoying when you say you'll be ready in 5 minutes and they keep phoning you every half hour? Better late than ugly is our mantra!Fabulous zipper pouch... Learn More


Atlas Silks Bath Fizz Crackers

Three beautifully designed celebration crackers, filled with indulgent bath fizzers - tuck into the branches of your Christmas tree or on placemats as a favour. Scented with rich mountain rose, ylang... Learn More
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Atlas Silks Bauble Duo

Festive bauble with a double treat tucked inside: hand sanitiser and a softening hand cream, for happy, fresh hands! Scented with notes of mountain rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood. A... Learn More
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Irn Bru Lip Balm

Irn Bru will get you through! We Poodles couldn't resist this Bru flavoured lip balm! Irn Bru is an iconic Scottish fizzy drink. This luminous orange sugary nectar has cured... Learn More


Tropical Scented Lip Balm

Totally tropical flavoured flamingo and pineapple shaped lip balms. Size: 4.5-5cm x 3 x 3-4cm Made from lip balm and plastic.   Learn More


William Morris Bath And Body Gift Set

Beautifully packaged William Morris bath and body gift set. Two practical travel necessities in a compact sized Morris & Co zip purse.1 X Shower Gel 30ml1 X Body Lotion 30ml... Learn More


William Morris Hand Cream

Beautifully packaged William Morris hand cream. Fragranced with sandalwood, patchouli, amber, rose, violet, red berries, mandarin, bergamot and pepper. Lightly scented hand cream enriched with vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea... Learn More


William Morris Hand Cream Library Gift Set

William Morris decreed that one should 'have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful', so we think he would approve... Learn More
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William Morris Hand Cream Set of 3

A lovely set of three miniature hand creams in varying Morris & Co. prints, in a coordinating box. The hand creams combine vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, lemon and... Learn More
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William Morris Mini Hand Treats Gift Tin

Beautifully packaged William Morris hand cream and nail file. A beautiful handbag sized hand cream and emery board in a decorative tin. Blended with the finest ingredients, combining essential oils... Learn More
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