Cosy up on a cold Winter's night

You can't scroll through Instagram or open a magazine without reading about hygge. The Danish concept famously has no literal translation but is based around the idea of cosying up with friends and family -especially when it starts to get cold and dark outside. It may be Scandinavian but we're sure those bitter Scottish winter nights deserve a little hygge too!



It only takes a few key bits to get the hygge flowing and candlelight is a hygge essential! The warm flicker of candlelight on a dark evening, the scent of cinnamon or log fire in the air - is there anything cosier?! The Danes might consume the most candles in Europe but we're sure we're not far behind!


Cosy cushions

Pile up cushions and blankets and snuggle down for a night of reading (or bingeing Netflix...). Mix textures for an eclectic look.


Hot drinks

It can't just be us that finds the choice of mug as important as what's in it?! From monogram gilt edge luxury to hand thrown rustic polish pottery, what really matters is that it's pretty enough for an Instagram of your hygge setup! Tea or coffee optional. Mulled wine strongly encouraged.


Chunky knits & Sparkly accessories

The scarf is the essential Danish accessory. Go chunky and oversized for hygge nights outside by the fire and something with a bit of sparkle to catch the candlelight over drinks with friends around the dining table.



Are you feeling the chill yet? We are so ready for cosy nights and crisp, cold days!


Love and hygge, Pink Poodle xxx