Glasgow's West End is home of the on-trend baby. Whether you're a glasses wearing hipster or a glammed up yummy mummy, there is a baby tribe to suit every style - recognise yourself in any of these?! 


The Academic Parents

  • Found - around the university, in tweed, with papers spilling out of their briefcase.
  • Baby name - Titan (short for titanosaur, obviously...)
  • Baby style - palaeontology inspired, so little Titan can show off his thorough knowledge of dinosaur species.




The Hipster Parents

  • Found - in the newest coffee shop, because baby only like organic, hand-poured, locally sourced babycinos.
  • Baby name - James for a girl, Jagger for a boy.
  • Baby style - monochrome and minimal.



The Earth Mother

  • Found - relaxing with a chai latte after baby yoga.
  • Baby name - Bluebell Harmony for a girl, Nirvana Snow for a boy.
  • Baby style - nature inspired with earth tones.



The Geek Lovers

  • Found - hanging around Fopp or the A1 waiting for the latest game or comic to introduce baby to.
  • Baby name - Logan for a boy, after Wolverine, Harley for a girl, from Harley Quinn (which was totally picked out before the Suicide Squad film came out...)
  • Baby style - Superhero inspired.



So, can you spot yourself in the stereotypes?! All in good fun - we're all a little guilty of a West End cliche now and then!

Lots of love,

Pink Poodle xxx